As you have no doubt understood, this Lion crosses genres. It does not only have a musical viewpoint. Its menagerie (elephant, scampi, dromedary, crab...) generous, free and savage expresses just as well in bars, clubs or festivals as in the street, in theatres and concert halls...All these locations testify to its desire  “to welcome..., to de-partition the public and culture. To be where you don’t expect us, to amuse the spectators in the complexity but always with the spirit of a child, without putting on airs.

Since our beginning, the Collectif du Lion has very often produced creations and interdisciplinary encounters, whether with dance, theatre, film music, circus Several examples: the creation of Trio Bravo with le Cirque du Docteur Paradis (F) for the Coutances Festival in 1988, Un Éléphant Dans La Ville for the Les Enfants Terribles Festival at the Schaerbeek Halls in 2003 and in the city of Liege in 2009, the creation of Lobster Caravan with the choreographer Thomas Hauert and the dancers of  P.A.R.T.S. in 2004, Sous Les Pavés street spectacle blending jazz, contemporary dance and urban poetry in 2012…

Today, we propose to help you discover four of our particular adventures.
If you want to come and navigate on these pages to approach us for a new adventure or a new episode of one of them, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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