PiXL Trio

Improbable jazz

In the biotope of Collectif du Lion, the PiXL Trio is a rare plant!


No CD up to now. Too few concerts. And yet!

PiXL Trio is without doubt the group where the qualities of Pierre Bernard are most highlighted.
In the descriptive text of a concert project at Flagey, Tarquin Billiet presented the flautist in these terms: ‘Pierre Bernard is, from our point of view, the craziest and most interesting flute player in the Realm… His polymorphic curiosity brings him on paths, always the flute and nothing but the flute at his lips, obstinately, passionately, always gently but with determination. He has always been casually musically, without forcing it. You almost complain...With PiXL Trio, he lets go the bridle to a more personal universe, collectively, however, as is his habit, with the complicity of Luc Evens and Xavier Roger who sail in the same waters! Good fishing!”

PiXL Trio offers a repertoire of original compositions with diverse influences from jazz to contemporary music touching on rock and whose writing, sometimes is at the limit of atonality, and the flexibility of the structures, offer improvisation a wide field of investigation.


PIERRE BERNARD flutes / compositions

LUC EVENS electric bass




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