Pierre Bernard - flutes

Quite simply, it is not worth speaking.
Alice’s wind blows behind the mirror,
The spider’s web holds back time,
The words, suspended, sweep the riverbank.
Very far under water, I hear the echo of the waves...

(1) monolithic monument or stone solo

Thierry Devillers - vocals, piano

Texts and songs

Fragments? Writers which of course I like - Tchouang-Tseu, Rimbaud, Schopenhauer, Baudelaire... Texts therefore and songs which I have written, drawing from rock, the blues French ballads, English ballads, plus some oldies (Ferré for example or Celine). As for the rear of the shop, I think of Michel de Montaigne, writing in his essay “De la solitude:” [From solitude] “You must keep back of the shop all to yourself, completely cut-off, in which we can establish our real freedom and main retreat and solitude.” In the back of the shop, you cut off your telephone, you open a book, you can even read out loud, you go to the piano, you improvise a few bars, you light up a cigarette, you note down an idea, you take your glass of wine, you say an aphorism, which makes you think about a song, which makes you think about a poem, which brings you to an agreement: reminiscences. You fight the battle against leisure, idleness, negotiation, global trade. Solitude all relative in sum, open to listening, rich in world, in gratuity. There you are, Back of the store fragments, a type of open diary, self-portrait, if indeed out tastes are heightened by autobiographies: tell me what you like, I shall tell you who you are... Amo, ergo sum: I love therefore I am.

Michel Massot - trombone, tuba, euphonium, sousaphone

Melodies, improvisations, movements, “surprise” sounds, vocals, dance, rhythms and intervals, blasts of air and trumpetings, jazz and other music will be ingredients of my solo performance. Using my instruments; trombone, tuba, euphonium and sousaphone, I shall transport you into an imaginary world peopled by musical stories sometimes joyous sometimes melancholic. My solo will be a sequence of tableaux, blends of personal compositions and completely free improvisations.

Michel Debrulle –  drums, big box of Binche, vocals

In the different musical traditions, the link between drums and dance is primordial. Even if the solo performance confronts me with the technical requirements of my instrument, the motivation here is more to find the primary vibration, the deep song which links me to the public.
This solo therefore also has the desire to make the spectator dance whether in their mind or for real. The musical material is 80% made up of compositions and improvisations which have often served for many collaborations with dancer choreographers Thomas Hauert, David Zambrano, David Hernandez… and groups such as Trio Bravo, Trio Grande, Rêve d’éléphant Orchestra…


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