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Band d' Enfants

Groove on, young folks!

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The awakening is here!


Since 2003 - the first edition of “Un éléphant dans la Ville” - the Collectif du Lion has regularly collaborated with Véronique Delmelle both for her qualities as a musician but also for the work that she has developed since 1990 with children's bands.

In 2012, we contacted her to create a band in Liege following numerous requests from parents seduced by its original approach: children form a group and develop their musical imagination from simple things to then play their own compositions in concert!
The principal music developed is based on rhythmical games or others, graphic partitions, on the discovery of sound space .. leading to these joint compositions. All instruments are welcome and the notes are not the most important.

A very busy Musician, Véronique Delmelle accepted to be the godmother of the project and to present us with two young and talented musicians who will take up the relief for working with the children. A four year adventure begins with the ZAP’Pain Perdu!
Throughout this journey, Alice Parizel and Marius Morsomme, have assisted, guided, advised them... Under the watchful eye of the godmother Véro!
The children have regularly been confronted -to their great pleasure! - with the needs of the stage and that of artistic creation. They have participated, for example, in the creation of "En avant la MuCirque” blending children musicians and Circassians in collaboration with the Marchin circus school.

In 2016, this first class finished by recording a CD.
The work with the children does not stop there! New perspectives, notably in collaboration with the Youth Festival of Liege are already appearing on the horizon!

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