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Thierry Devillers

Backroom Fragments / Texts and songs

voice, piano

Fragments? From writers I love, of course - Tchouang-Tseu, Rimbaud, Schopenhauer, Baudelaire... Thus, textsand songs of my own composition, influenced by rock, blues, ballads in French, in English, plus some covers (Ferré, for example, or Céline). 

As for the backroom, I think of Michel de Montaigne writing in his essay De la solitude : "We must reserve a backroom all of our own, all frank, in which we establish our true liberty and main retreat and solitude. In the back room, you switch off your phone, you open a book, you even read aloud, you sit at the piano, you improvise a few ritornellos, you light a cigarette, you jot down an idea, you take another glass of wine, you say an aphorism, this one reminds you of a song, this one reminds you of a poem, this one takes you to a chord: reminiscences. You wage the war of otium, of idleness, against negotium, the globalized trade. Relative solitude, in short, listening, open, enriched by the world for free. 

That's it, Fragments d'arrière-boutique, a kind of diary, a self-portrait, if our tastes are autobiographical: tell me what you like, I'll tell you who you are... Amo, ergo sum : I love, therefore I am.


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