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Un éléphant dans la ville

Un éléphant dans la ville is an interdisciplinary, cultural and citizen unifying concept which from a powerful metaphor, offers multiple variations. 


The elephant is present in the collective unconscious of each of us whether it is through “The Jungle Book”, then myth of elephant cemeteries, genocide, the ivory trade or again a bygone era of total freedom of movement without borders, the Divinity Ganesh...It is also emblematic of current questions in our society: the price to pay for saving disappearing species, environmental protection, the non-standard, memory, transmission, ...


These images, these metaphors constitute a gigantic reservoir from which we can draw to weave together, a map without borders which can take the form of concerts, parades, performances, exhibitions, workshops, writing, reflection, etc.

The force of the elephant is the power to speak to everyone, large and small, men and women, amateurs and professionals. To those not born here or coming from abroad, they give to each one, the possibility to project themselves into one of these aspects to create together a multidisciplinary, cultural and citizen’s project.

In 2003, “Un éléphant dans la ville” emerged during the the Festival “Les enfants terribles” at the Schaerbeek Halls.  A six-month adventure started, bringing together a hundred amateurs and professionals, children, teenagers and adults, singers, musicians, storytellers, actors and artists with, as a finale, two shows which were very well received by a large crowd of spectators.

In 2009, the “Éléphant dans la ville” moved to Liege. There, the desire was to offer the largest visibility to creative and artistic potential of associations and artists of the region, bringing them together around three large events: the three days of “Char-Autel” during the Music Festivals, the creation of “Art Publique” and exhibitions throughout the summer and for closing, the parade and the concerts for the “Fêtes de Wallonie”.


If this concept strikes a chord with you, do not hesitate to contact us: we can work together on the form they could take with you. The video can also nourish your imagination and show you all the possibilities.

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