Amis Terriens

Urban Poetry

Embrace, entwine, dance on our (*) son our sonorous carpet, to the well balances rhythms and versified melodies...

(*) freely inspired from Claude Nougaro

The music of this trio is more than a sonorous passage to set down the words of l’Ami. It is made up of bounces, of challenges, of connivances, of swing and of roots.
This young group from the Collectif follows on from our encounter with François Laurent during “Un Éléphant dans la Ville” in Liege and extends the work accomplished for the street spectacle “Sous Les Pavés”, the performance “Est-ce un oiseau-Procès Brancusi” and the different versions of Aux Âmes Etc.

L’Ami Terrien -François Laurent- plays with the tongue since  2007 on the slam scene in Belgium and elsewhere  where he recites and poems, sketches and songs. His work has been rewarded several times. Winner of the Battle of Compliments of the 24h Slam in Liege in 2015, second in the National Belgian Tournament in 2014. It was the first prize of the “Paroles Urbaines” Urban Speeches (literary prize) in 2011 in Botanique. In 2010 it was also the winner of the international slam tournament “Slam Trio EU”during the Sziget Festival in Budapest. L'Ami Terrien is also the slam workshops, writing workshops and workshop hosting trainer for Présences et Actions Culturelles (PAC).

Nicolas Dechêne and Michel Debrulle play the words of l'Ami with sensuality, intelligence and complicity!


FRANÇOIS LAURENT lyrics, vocals

NICOLAS DECHÊNE  lyrics, vocals

MICHEL DEBRULLE  drums, percussion

Extract from “Reprends-L’Ami Terrien”
Micromégaphon, Maëlstrom reEvolution Press, 2014


Catch your breath and it expels further
More slowly

Catch the voice! And the programmes escape from the boxes.

Catch the economy and the children awaken
the mystery of the cold room.

Catch the colour and the hopes are painted,
Under the windows of the blind alleys, the clandestine sleep,
awake in fanfare

Catch the flame! And the border posts straighten
the stature of our freedom.

Catch the handshake and after the fists
transform in embassies,
transform in embrace.

Catch the song and the dance and throw them into the street

Catch the melody and the drunkenness covers itself with ridicule.


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