Cheeky Jazz

Trio Grande

The smallest Big Band in the world

These three musketeers have played together for more than a quarter of a century, something rare enough to be highlighted! Up to now they have released 5 CDs: Trio Grande (IGLOO Records), Signé Trio Grande, Un Matin Plein de Promesses, Hold The Line (featuring the English pianist Matthew Bourne on the latter two) and recently Trois Mousquetaires (W.E.R.F Records).

This 4 wheel drive trio can enchant their audience no matter where they perform, be it in the intimacy of a club or on a big festival stage. Their music has been described as anarchistic, joyous and communicative.

LAURENT DEHORS  saxophones, clarinets, bagpipes, Jew’s Harp, harmonica

MICHEL MASSOT  euphonium, sousaphone, trombone

MICHEL DEBRULLE  drums, percussion

« (…) This trio resolves the issue of jazz today… i.e. Must everything be labelled? The jazz they play is the jazz they love. It’s a simple as that. You can feel it, even see it! These guys are not going through an identity crisis. This is about dancing rhythms and pure and simple emotion shared through the language of sound. In a perfect balance between energy and suspension, Trio Grande embody maturity, achieving pleasure through experience and, over the course of time, yielding an anthem that pays tribute to life and beauty, devoid of vacuous intentions. An occasionally awesome force goes hand in hand with a sense of supernatural vulnerability. At a push, their compositions could be qualified as «successful» since they take you to a higher plane from the word go (always a telltale sign). They embody their music with a lyrical fever that is admirably helped along by dancing interludes from inventive Michel Massot or the powerfully architectural Michel Debrulle. Laurent Dehors too does his bit by marrying harsh phrasing to a splendid colour palette. The audience is swept away and dropped on the other side of the land- (or is it sound-) scape, pretty much transfigured. You too will be carried away, as time goes by! (… )»  Anonymous


Our three partners in crime, long-time accomplices and unfailingly honed, also take the risk of new encounters: with the Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloiemans and the Moroccan Oud player Driss El Maloumi for two creations; with the English pianist Matthew Bourne for two CDs (Octaves de la Musique 2008 and 2011) and numerous concerts at clubs and festivals, with the dancer-choreographer David Hernandez for the play Relay, and lately with the trumpet player Jean-Pol Estiévenart and the guitarist Nicolas Dechêne for the silent movie “Our Hospitality” by Buster Keaton.

J.C. Vantroyen - Le Soir

"(...) It sometimes seems like a fanfare version of Bach: very unexpected, very fresh, very ironic, very baroque and very successful. (...) An album to listen to several times to
understand its true richness."


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