SilverRat Band


Une orchestration atypique, une musique énergique, un flow groovy
An energetic music, a groovy and refreshing flow!

Adrien Sezuba Rukira, son of a diplomat, travelled the world before settling down in Belgium. His lyrics and his eclectic music reflect that nomadic period of his life. Moving so often from one country to another allowed him to develop a generous presence, as well as a broad perspective of what it is to be a “strange foreigner”.

Usually in English, sometimes in French, Adrien’s compositions for SilverRat Band are original and compelling. With its fusion of styles and groovy rhythms mixing up voices and instruments, his band attracts audiences from all ages and backgrounds.

Made up of 3 horns, 2 voices and 1 drummer, this unusual ensemble will whisk you off into its world, where every sound vibration will make you want to move your feet. Their meeting has given birth to a dynamic and creative music and a groovy and refreshing flow. SilverRat Band can be characterised by the complicity, the sense of humour and the rigour of its members. Working as a team, they have achieved an amazing stage presence, and their energizing performance will fill you with enthusiasm.

SilverRat Band released their first EP Transmigrant in October 2015: first self-production of the Collectif du Lion. In September 2018, during their residency at the Théâtre des Doms in Avignon, 4 new titles were recorded with no overdub.


ADRIEN SEZUBA RUKIRA  vocals, lyrics

GÉRALDINE COZIER vocals, lyrics

VÉRONIQUE DELMELLE  alto sax, baritone sax, violin, vocals

CLÉMENT DECHAMBRE  alto sax, tenor sax, vocals

VÉRONIQUE LAURENT euphonium, vocals

MICHEL DEBRULLE  drums, Binche big drum



J.P. Goffin - L'Avenir

"(...) a cheerful album, laughing and sharp at the same time, well in the spirit of what the trio has always proposed in this formula. (...) we enjoy all the possible sounds imagined by these blue note fencers."

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