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It gathers together everywhere - amateurs, beginners, persons who have never played an instrument and professional musicians - to present their latest creations during the day.


Each Orchestre d'Un Jour consequently, is a unique experience which each day brings together different musicians united by the meeting place, open to all and without necessarily having any previous musical knowledge.  
It is a timeless space! You draw from the force, not in quantity,  the level, the good, the not good, but in the common denominator of pure, hard creation which brings together human beings before bringing together the “I am a musicians”: independently of the exclusively musical experience, you transform it into personnel experiences of sonorous explorations.  These experiences circulate and charge the sound. I participate in this sonorous encounter also sharing my life experiences with it, meetings, concerts, shows, voyages, extraordinary encounters with musicians: Central-African, Peruvian children, in India, Korea, Slovenia, Palestine, France, Belgium, Mexico and other countries in which the orchestras for a day have allowed me to reap very different experiences.
By taking this rapid path for one day which joins both ends, like a piece of paper where you make the two sides become a circle, knowing that it will take years to become a good musician, the musician for a day sometimes discovers an angle they did not know, they throw things at which they no longer think and blowing into a trumpet for one day, propel their sounds into the form a whale-song coming from the reclusive corners of the world.


In practice:
- places: theatre, airport, museum, swimming pool, church, boat, forest, public square, exhibition hall.- the meeting place can participate and provide the equipment to create: its history, its memories.
- the content of the day is built with partners from the made-to-measure meeting place: projection, accompanying film, VJ, guest artists, lyrics.
- repertoire: improvised music, One Day Orchestra standards, One day compositions, pieces brought by One-day musicians and revisited for the occasion.
- maximum 70 persons as of 14 years old (occasionally 100 musicians (and thus also singers) having or not having previous musical knowledge.


Example of Orchestre d'Un Jour

• Schaerbeek Halls (BE): arrangement of 4 pieces of a Malian group present in the orchestra.

• Happy Day Opéra in Lille (FR): the public attended the Opera Macbeth, by Verdi then went to the station to listen again to Verdi revisited by 100 musicians most of whom had never played an instrument (instruments made available by the Opera)

• Flagey (BE): we are near Malibran street, the great singer. One day Opera version Opéra.

• Victor Hugo Orchestra, Franche Comté | Besançon (FR): The public became an orchestra! 7 soloists from the Victor Hugo orchestra joined with the Orchestre d’Un Jour. After courses in notes, the 7 years of notes in 7 minutes, the public composed a triple concerto for soloists and the Orchestre d’Un Jour

• Neuchâtel Conservatory (CH): the students participated the night before in a composition workshop. The minimalist type music dreamed up was played the following day by the Orchestra..


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