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At this time, more than thirty-five years at the counter.
Dozens of artists who feed their imagination and the experience from the Collectif.
A savoir-faire in live music, the public arena, education, music shows ...

Cultural operators and artists have ordered from us, given this potential and these assets.
An this has pleased us!

Here are a few example which show our abilities...Hence we are more than ever ready to fulfil your desires!

Un éléphant dans la Ville 2003

multi-disciplinary, cultural and inter-generational creation blending amateurs and professionals.

The Schaerbeek Halls invited us to think of an artistic creation project in the square for children in for their festival “Les Enfants Terribles”.

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Les Voix de la Terre

a path for percussion soloists: from electronic to stone.


Philippe Schoonbrood contacted us to think of an event for the inauguration of the Museum of Walloon Life of Liége in September 2008.

Sous les Pavés

street spectacle de rue blending contemporary dance, jazz and urban poetry.


In 2011, Alain Coulon and Michèle Detry; managers of the Magic Festival “Rue et Vous’ d’Ath [You and the street of Ath], proposed a creation for us for their 2012 festival.
The “public arena” aspects and de-partitioning of people developed in the 2009 edition of Un Éléphant dans la Ville, merged with their desire to promote a musical expression which was not only that ambulatory and the fanfare.

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Brancusi ‘est-ce un oiseau?’

astonishing blend of theatre, music, poetry questioning about the arts.


We created this performance at the request of the Province of Liege - Arts sector and of the Arsenic2 travelling popular theatre. It was presented for the first time on the 13 September 2014 at the Jehay Chateau in the framework of the Arts & Metals exhibition of the Province of Liege.

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musical composition musical and live accompaniment to the show.


In 2014, dancer choreographer David Hernandez asked Michel Debrulle to write the music for his dance performance.
Previously, Trio Grande and the Rêve d’éléphant Orchestra already accompanied the choreographies of David Hernandez for the students of P.A.R.T.S.

Made to Measure

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